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Abbey Roadkill

Click below to hear complete song versions of The Accounting Crows "Live in the Studio" doing their schtick:

  • "Taking Care of Business" (R.Bachman) As recorded by Bachman Turner Overdrive
  • "Taxman" (G. Harrison) As recorded by The Beatles
  • "Hush" (J. South) As recorded by Deep Purple
  • "You Can't Do That" (J. Lennon / P. McCartney) As recorded by The Beatles
  • "Yesterday" (J. Lennon / P. McCartney) As recorded by The Beatles


    The Accounting Crows were featured on the CBS national news program "CBS Eye On People". Click below to watch The Accounting Crows act like accountants on national TV:

  • The Accounting Crows on CBS News "Eye on People"


    Here are some links to pictures from The Accounting Crows official scrapbook:

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