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Hartford Courant promotes the first "Murphy and Scarletti's" gig; we're almost famous.

National publicity in Accounting Today, the paper read by inquiring CPAs.

Hartford Business Journal publicity of our heroes.

An advertisement for CPA musicians who rock? Yes, of course, we're both desperate and delusional.

Alan appears in a national ad for McBee Business Products entitled "It's All About Al".

At least they spelled our name correctly.

Three reasons why men shouldn't wear shorts.



The (New Haven) Business Times promotes the April 15th gig with a photo taken at Eastern Connecticut State University CSCPA Career Conference.

What paper was this???

Hartford Business Journal coverage of the 2001 Murphy and Scarletti's gig.

The Crows make the cover of the NEGASC flyer (and people still register for the conference - go figure).

DRS Commissioner Gene Gavin risks his reputation by hiring The Crows to play NESTOA's Annual Conference.

Every year, UCONN accounting professor Larry Gramling, CPA, somehow convinces The Crows to play a non-alcohol-beverage-serving freebie in the middle of tax season...perhaps it has something to do with him being CSCPA President?

Still MORE "Accounting Today" Crows coverage.

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