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Abbey Roadkill
2001 GIGS

"But if I buy that Hofner Beatle Bass, will these guys tell my wife? Hmmm..."

The Crows play "The Garden"...behind Reed's house.

The Crows make the cover of the NEGASC flyer (and people still register for the conference - go figure).

The Crows front line (from left) -- John, Reed, and Alan -- under The Big Top at NEGASC 2001, Connecticut College, New London.

It finally dawns on Reed that he simply needs a Hofner Beatle Bass to be cool like John.

DRS Commissioner Gene Gavin risks his reputation by hiring The Crows to play NESTOA's Annual Conference.

Every year, UCONN accounting professor Larry Gramling, CPA, somehow convinces The Crows to play a non-alcohol-beverage-serving freebie in the middle of tax season...perhaps it has something to do with him being CSCPA President?

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