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Accounting Crows lead guitarist, Alan Friedman, releases his first CD

Crows lead guitarist, Alan Friedman, CPA, has just released his first solo CD, "The Test of Time", on new record label AlHomeBoy Music, LLC. His album marks the first of many CDs soon to be released by other Accounting Crows members, as singer/guitarist John DelGrego, singer/bassist Reed Risteen and keyboardist Mark Zampino are working feverishly to complete their CDs sooner than the 7 years it took Alan.

"The Test of Time" consists of 13 "pop rock" tunes, featuring Alan on guitar and a cast of characters on a variety of other instruments, including friends Bobby Kimball (lead singer of "Toto"), Bernard Fowler (background vocalist for "The Rolling Stones"), Jonathan Mover (drummer for "Joe Satriani", "Fuel", "Aretha Franklin", "Alice Cooper" and many more), bassist Doug Wimbish, drummer Will Calhoun, vocalist Corey Glover (all members of "Living Colour"), Jeff Pevar (guitarist for "David Crosby", "Graham Nash", "Joe Cocker" and "Jackson Browne" to name a few), Vince DiCola (keyboardist for "Hughes-Turner Project" and "Thread", and film score composer of "Rocky 4", "Transformers" and others), David Stoltz (bassist for "The Dickey Betts Band"), Ron Bienstock (bassist and music entertainment attorney extraordinaire), Jen Lowe (percussionist for the rock band "Acres"), Sally Eckels (lead singer of L.A. rock band "Paper Sun"), Rob Gottfried (aka "Rob The Drummer" and high profile TV kid's character) and many other talented musicians. One surprising highlight of the CD is vocalist and friend Robbie LaBlanc, who sings 4 of the CD's 13 tracks. Robbie is a wine rep for a major Californian vineyard; and like a fine wine, Robbie's vocals keep getting better with age (truly the hidden treasure on this CD).

Alan wrote all the lyrics and music, and co-wrote a few songs with close friend and keyboard player Jeff Batter, and one tune with fellow Crows bandmate Mark Zampino.

To purchase the CD (for the bargain price of $10), go to and do a search for "Alan Friedman". Also, check out the review posted by a new fan.

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