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Every "over 50" band of rockin' CPAs needs that extra "something" to add some musical spice to the mix. So here they are, the "Spice Girls" of accounting, the "Supremes" of Motown East (Hartford), the only halfway-decent female vocalists we could find who would sing in exchange for free tax preparation services, our favorite "chick" singers (for a band of old roosters), the one and only quasi famous "Crowquettes"

Nancy Battistini
Nancy Battistini, Vocalist
Office Manager
Friedman, Kannenberg & Company, PC
West Hartford, CT

Cheryl Cormier
Cheryl Cormier, Vocalist
The Cheryl Cormier Band
West Hartford, CT

Bonnie Gulliksen
Bonnie Gulliksen, Vocalist
Older Adult Care Specialist
Manchester, CT

Gail Schiro
Gail Schiro, Vocalist
Information Systems Programmer
Pratt & Whitney
Windsor, CT


Just read our band bio and you'll understand why we always need some heavy-duty musical stand-ins when last minute gig plans go awry. We never know when Reed is has not-for-profit audit overseas in Outer Slabovia, or Mike has to furnish his board of directors with a 50-page cost containment report requiring him to look up the word "containment" in the dictionary, or John has to be billable for a change, or Mark has to pretend to do something important for the CSCPA, or Alan has to go to the bathroom. Accordingly, The Accounting Crows need either real CPAs or real musicians (as there's no such thing as a real "CPA musician") to be available when a band member's schedule conflicts with any one of the two important gigs we get each year. So, here they are, those ready, willing and able (for a fee, of course) friends who we affectionately call "Crows", amongst other things:

Jeff Batter
Jeff Batter, Keyboards and Vocals
The Cheryl Cormier Band and
Product rep for E-Mu/Ensoniq
West Hartford, CT

Rob Gottfried
Rob "The Drummer" Gottfried, Drums
Rob The Drummer Education Programs
West Hartford, CT

Paul Lombardo, Vocals and Guitar
L&R Productions, Inc.
East Hartford, CT

Tommy Russo
Tommy "Tutone" Russo, Bass and Vocals
L&R Productions, Inc.
East Hartford, CT

Rich Silkoff
Rich Silkoff, Bass and Vocals
CPA and Professor
University of New Haven
New Haven, CT

Dave Stoltz, Bass
The Dickey Betts Band
West Hartford, CT


Given the enormity of our business affairs (The Accounting Crows are ranked #497 in touring revenues of Fortune 500's list of CPA Rock Bands), we find ourselves in constant need of support services, both on tour and back at corporate headquarters. Whether it's hauling Marshall stacks or shameless self-promotion, our need to have our egos stroked is immeasurable. So to those tireless individuals who find they have nothing else better to do with their time, we respectfully dedicate this website section to our "Crews":


Jeff Ehrlich, Owner
Audio Tech Works, LLC
Cheshire, CT


Dave Bierut, President
Nor-East Marketing (AKG Microphones and Products)
Windsor, CT

David Henry, President
New England DJ & Audio, LLC
West Hartford, CT

Shawn Patterson, Product Specialist
Line 6, Inc.
Agoura, CA


Bob Bradshaw & Martin Golub, Tech-Geeks
Custom Audio Electronics
North Hollywood, CA

Larry Smetana, Owner
AccuTech Electronics
East Hartford, CT


Kirsten Fredsall
Kirsten Fredsall, Web Graphics
Connecticut Society of CPAs
Rocky Hill, CT

Eric Milikowski, CrowWear Design
Glastonbury, CT

Geoffrey Zampino
Geoffrey Zampino, Jedi CD Artwork Master
Better musician than his father
Rocky Hill, CT


Nild Sansone, President
Lasting Image Video
West Hartford, CT

Lynn Piacentini
Lynn Piacentini
Friedman, Kannenberg & Company, PC
West Hartford, CT


Ronald S. Bienstock
Ronald S. Bienstock, Esq.
Bienstock & Michael, P.C.
New York, NY


Donald A. Kannenberg, Jr.
Donald A. Kannenberg, Jr., CPA, Partner
Friedman, Kannenberg & Company, P.C.
West Hartford, CT

A special thanks to David "DJ" Bierut and AKG Professional Audio Products

Line 6

(a title we give to anybody who furnishes use with free gear and T-Shirts)

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