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Note from the Leiutenant Governor
A letter from Connecticut Governor M. Jodi Rell

Being a part of The Accounting Crows is all about the music, and never about the money. We embrace this philosophy, mostly because no one wants to pay us a king's ransom for our musical interpretations of Grand Funk Railroad. Accordingly, each year we donate the performance fee from our highest profile gig, April 15th at Murphy & Scarletti's, to a worthwhile cause.

On a serious note, we try to pick a charity that touches a part of us, or someone we care about. Here are some of those charitable organizations we've supported through the years:

  • AmeriCares (a national organization dedicated to providing relief worldwide. That year they were helping Kosovo refugees.)
  • Connecticut Breast Cancer & Research Fund (an organization dedicated to providing research and treatment of breast cancer)
  • FoodShare (a local organization dedicated to feeding Connecticut's hungry)
  • Connecticut Women and Disability Network, Inc. (an organization dedicated to providing support to disabled and abused women and children)
  • Community Accounting Aid & Services, Inc. (an organization of CPAs dedicated to providing free financial services to the economically disadvantaged)
  • Make A Wish Foundation (an organization dedicated to granting the wishes of children with life-threatening illnesses)
  • UNICO Wethersfield Chapter (a division of UNICO that donates funds to local charities and scholarships)
  • Our Companions Animal Sanctuary (a local organization that provides animal sanctuary, pet adoption, education and other animal-care services)
Come join us every April 15th at Murphy & Scarletti's for some great fun and a worthy cause.

Letter from AmericCares

Letter from Foodshare Letter from CAAS Letter from Make A Wish

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