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Reed W. Risteen, CPA is a Partner in the certified public accounting firm of Blum Shapiro & Company, P.C. Born in Blytheville, Arkansas (because his father was stationed there), he relocated shortly thereafter (lucky for him) to the northern Virginia area, where he spent all of his school years. He began playing guitar and piano at age 10, forming various Beatle wanna-be bands such as "The Lemon Wax" and "Uncle Meat", playing at everything from school dances to Army picnics to fashion shows at the mall. He also began experimenting with multi-track recording with the primitive equipment available at the time. Starting in high school, Reed began writing and multi-tracking his songs on a regular basis, playing all of the instruments (guitars, bass, keyboards and drums) and doing all the vocals.

Reed graduated with distinction in 1978 from The University of Virginia with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Commerce, Concentration in Accounting. After college, he joined a large CPA firm in Alexandria, Virginia where he reached the manager level. While at that firm he played in a band with a partner of the firm, whose spouse introduced him to his spouse-to be. In 1983, Reed relocated with his spouse-to-be to her home state, Connecticut. There he joined a regional CPA firm where he became a Partner in 1986. In the late 1990's he read about the Accounting Crows and Alan Friedman's firm in the Connecticut Society of CPA's Newsletter and thought the whole thing was pretty cool. Up to that point, rock music and public accounting were two distinctly different things. While at a University of Connecticut function with Mark Zampino, one of Reed's partners mentioned to Mark that Reed was a musician, which eventually (or actually, pretty quickly) led to Reed joining The Accounting Crows. The strange part is that Reed had known Mark for several years without making a musical connection. In May of 2001, Reed joined Blum Shapiro, right down the street from Alan's firm. Reed specializes in providing accounting, auditing, consulting and tax services to nonprofit organizations, particularly those receiving federal and state grants.

Reed resides in Glastonbury, Connecticut with his wife, Kate Hannon and their two daughters, Bailey and Riley. He still writes and multi-track records in his (modest, not like the other guys) basement studio, although at a much slower pace. His primary musical influence is the Beatles, with Paul MacCartney being the favorite. He believes that playing a Hofner Beatle bass brings him one step closer to actually being Paul.

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Steely Dan
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Herman's Hermits
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