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Michael J. Fortunato, CPA


Michael J. Fortunato, CPA, is VP of Finance and Administration for Orthopaedic Health Services, Inc., a healthcare management consulting firm out of Old Lyme, Connecticut. Mike is responsible for financial planning and control, which includes budgeting, financial reporting, investments, and cash management, as well as risk management, human resources, legal issues and bank relations.

Michael graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting, from the University of Connecticut in 1983. Upon graduation, Mike passed took and passed the CPA exam on his first attempt, joining the ranks of the infamous "300 Club"; scoring 75's on all 4 sections. Soon after, he joined Peat Marwick, CPAs in Hartford, Connecticut.

Mike resides in Wethersfield, Connecticut with his wife Christine and their two children.


I was raised on country sunshine, I was raised on rock and roll. Born under the sign of Pisces on February 21,1961, Michael "Stix" Fortunato wasted no time in driving his parents and teachers crazy by his "constant tapping" and other "annoying behavior. His report cards from school often identified Mike's need to work on his "self control". It was at a 4th grade music assembly that Mike was first exposed to his first live rock concert. Soon after, he started taking drum lessons, despite his father's calls to "play the flute" because it was easier to carry around.

Mike has played and recorded with the ska band "Bob", Psychodelic bands "Paisley Jungle" and Free Love Society, wedding band "Free n Easy", and the punk DOT. Mike likes to take luxurious bubble baths and sort his sock drawers on Sundays afternoons.

Mike rocks with a 60's vintage 4-piece Slingerland Black Pearl Kit.

Michael Fortunato Now
Michael Fortunato Now

Michael Fortunato Then
Michael Fortunato Then

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